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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Coming home.

I've been out of town since Sunday when I attended my sister and F's wedding reception. After leaving Atlanta Sunday night, I headed with my parents to Biloxi by way of Columbus. I literally have no pictures from those days (except what I've posted on Instagram) because I was just enjoying the undivided attention of my parents. Mom and I drove around, laid by the pool, bought art, and just generally enjoyed each others company. 
 I'm super happy to be home with a few days of my week off left to enjoy. I will spend the day tomorrow helping my friend K inside her house (with no a/c - wish us luck!) and then Saturday, I plan to just lounge around and maybe - just maybe - get around to doing laundry.

So - without further delay - here is the cake I made for my their reception. Each person who my sister asked to make a cake - and I think there were 8 or 9 of them! - was given a set of these little people to paint to go with the cake. I painted mine to look like the girls did on their wedding day - F. in a dark suit with a blue shirt and my sister in a shimmery green dress. I added the little ribbon garland for funsies.

The cake was a bit lighter in person but I wish it was even lighter than it was. The top was the lightest yellow and bottom the brightest yellow for an ombre effect but I wish the colors had turned out a big more different/drastic from top to bottom. However, I am pretty proud of the way it turned out sicne it was my first time doing all this jazz.
Here is a close-up of the little people...

The cake was strawberry lemonade (easy-peasy - boxed strawberry cake mix - I used one and a half boxes - and whipped vanilla icing with lemon flavoring - which was, thank-you-very-much, made from scratch). I love the different colors and how they match the ribbons on top.

 Here is the cutie couple thanking everyone for was a super beautiful and fun party. So nice to see people that I don't often get to see - family and friends both. The food was delicious - thanks Eddie's Attic - and the company even better. There are tons more pictures on my sister's FB site..check them out if you are friends with her.