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Friday, May 11, 2012

May Birchbox!

Lucky you...(Ok, it's really just Lucky ME!) - my May Birchbox came! I have been super excited about this one because they have been pushing it big time on Facebook and their blog. It was a collaboration with the TV show "Gossip Girls" (which I don't watch...sorry...) but I knew they were super cute and a little fashion forward so I thought it might be a really fun box!

This is how it looked when I first opened it. The little "Gossip Girl" sleeve was over the outside of the traditional Birchbox (but it also came in a black mailer box instead of pink this month, which was pretty fun and funky!).

 First thing I came to was this little bottle of blenderclenser (all one word) from the beautyblender company. it is a cleaner for your makeup brushes and sponges which is great because I have been using shampoo and conditioner on mine (disclaimer: it is what the beauty folks at Ulta told me to do! And it makes them super soft and clean. Just rinse well so you aren't rubbing shampoo and conditioner on your face. Hair is hair, right??) Looking forward to trying this out!

 This was the fun little "extra" this month. I am looking forward to sending a little love note to someone special. Already have someone in mind! :)

I've been seeing these elastic headbands everywhere, though the ones I have seen are wider. I am super excited to try it and see if it will stay on my slippery, thick hair. And black - matches everything. This one is by the Twistband company and looks to be the perfect length...

Inside the second little pretty wrapper was three more items...this one and the two below.
This is a really pretty metallic gold-ish fingernail polish by the Color Club company. The color is called "Disco Nap". I think it will look fun alone (especially during the holidays?) or over another color (red??).

I am actually pretty excited about this product. It is the Waterfuse BB Cream by Dr. Jart. It is a 4-in-1 moisturizer, sunscreen, serum, and tint. Thankfully, it came in a color that is pretty darn close to my skin tone so i am probably gonna whip this stuff on first thing tomorrow morning!

Another nice perfume sample! Hard to even pick one that I like the best from the 3 I've recieved so far. This one is called L'Etrog by the Arquiste company. It is touted as "warm notes of citron, palm leaves, and myrtle" and inspired by a harvest festival in Italy. It is much "spicier" than the others and I actually really like it. I'll try it tomorrow too and see what I think!

So there it is! May Birchbox goodness.

I'm a little sad that mine didn't include any of the crazy designers that they were hinting at on Facebook (like Dior...I know, I know - much higher fashion than this southern gal needs!) but it still would have been super fun to try that stuff. Either way, I am still LOVING my Birchboxes and my monthly birthday dance at the mailbox (no seriously, Chad usually checks the mail and it was hard for me to be cool when I saw it in my mailbox today. I totally did the "Paula...act cool, act cool" speech to myself and then did a jig when I got behind the house.

P.S. My fingernail polish is "Kate" from my Zoya collection that I ordered from Birchbox! It was in a collection of 3 style bloggers that won a contest to have their color created and featured by Zoya. I have been VERY pleased with these nail polishes. I got the limited set of 3 - Kate (a watermelony, reddish orange), Coraline (a tangerine color) and Belle (a beautiful sparkly pink that looks great over the other two or alone!).

The cool thing about the Zoya company is that they try to make their polishes with fewer chemicals and it definately smells less harsh! These are jelly polishes so they are pretty sheer by themselves - it takes me 3 good coats to get a deep color but it lasts a long time. I think last time I went a full week with no chips - it literally started wearing off the tips and growing out so before I took it off.


francinasanders said...

That moisturizer/beauty balm is exactly the thing I was telling you about this morning - the Fructis stuff is made by different people, obvs, but the stuff you got is way more expensive and I've loved the Fructis. Try it. It's awesome.

The $10 I spend on your BirchBox every month is easily the best $10 I spend on frivolity ever. Your happy dance at the mailbox alone is worth it.