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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gettin' things done!

Today was an incredibly productive day. I ended up NOT having to work after planning to all week so I had an entire, unexpected day to get things done. And get things done I did!
The rundown:
- Swept and mopped all hardwoods and kitchen
- Vacuumed all carpet
- Bought and hung new curtains in the living room (new as in, we've lived here for 2 years now and never had curtains on those a very HELLO NEIGHBORS kind way.) - Pictures to come.
- Cleaned the kitchen
- Cleaned off dining room and living room tables (the piles of who-knows-what that gets dropped off there every day)
- Cleaned up the craft/bonus room
- Cleaned up in the bedroom (including putting away 2 weeks worth of clean laundry!)
- Painted my fingernails in a beautiful sparkly pink! (cause this is JUST as important as a clean kitchen!)

Surely there was more but that should be good for now.

Wanna know why I got so much stuff done? Chad took the TV and the computer with him to teach a lifeguarding class today. Or I would NOT have been as productive, thanks Pintrest. I told him that he should take them with him every time I have a day off...I feel great about everything I've been able to get done today. And I am going to love coming home to a clean house tomorrow too...totally worth it.