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Sunday, January 8, 2012

new year!

I only blogged 4 times in December. I should be embarrassed but I'm really not. I am still trying really hard to be present with the people I love when I have the time to do it - disconnected from the laptop, email on my phone, and the addictive Pintrest and Facebook. It is a lesson that takes takes time to learn how to give time.

But - I will try to be better about short and quick updates more often around here. And more pictures. Because who doesn't love more pictures?!

Chad and I are hiking Mt. LeConte in August with Uncle J and my mom. It is one of those straight up hill for miles but once you get there they serve you dinner and let you spend the night sort of places. Takes forever to get a reservation but somehow we lucked out with some extra tickets sold by a friend of J's. I am pretty excited about it but starting now to get in shape to be able to do it! It was back to the gym last week and new year's resolutions abound. Cold months make me want to hibernate and cook good foods - bad combo. My new hiking poles came in the mail last week - thanks to an REI member rebate and a really good sale. Chad got a new pair of hiking boots at 50% off yesterday so we are on our way to breaking in the goods and hiking straight up a mountain!

Our church is taking its first short term mission trip to India this year. I'm praying hard about being involved....


francinasanders said...

Yay for living life more but also YAY! for blogging more. My day is better when you blog. Remember that.