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Monday, January 23, 2012

birthday crafts.

I was a busy girl last Friday, scrambling to finish a few crafts for my sister's birthday. I am glad I remembered to take pictures so I could share them with you!

I stalked my sister's Etsy favorites list and saw something that I was sure I could make from memory and I did. I'm pretty proud of myself so check it out!
She had bookmarked a picnic set - a little rolled up thing with bamboo utensils in it. I couldn't find bamboo utensils and I didn't have time to order them online so I went to the local organic grocery store and found some that are made of plant materials and are compostable! I made her a little roll up storage thing for her utensils so she can go on picnics galore!

please ignore the crack in the wall. or maybe I should not have pointed it out. Old house - what can I say?

 My sister even cleverly thought that you could roll cloth napkins up inside too so you can carry those with you. I made the ties plenty long for wrapping around multiple times so that would totally work.
She thinks I should go into business...I don't have time for all that!

I loved these beads because they reminded me a little of peacocks...and I am sort of obsessed with peacocks. (Edited to add: I also made the hooks from scratch and I am rather proud of myself! Wrapped the wire around a Sharpie!)
I made her these earrings to match the below scarf. And I am so self-sacrificing that I will put this terrible picture of myself on the internet so you can see the scarf I made. I totally found the instructions on Pintrest but the original instructions are from a website called Put Up Your Dukes and can be found here.

It was really easy - it is just two t-shirts, cut up and sewn together. I think I only had to sew in 4 places, though I got to use some newly acquired hand stiching skills learned from my awesome mother.

And finally...I found these cute owl beads at the HobLob and I couldn't resist making a pair for the birthday girl. I think they are so cute that I might have to make another pair for a gal at work that is crazy about owls!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Sis! You deserve it! :)


Corrie said...

It's such a small world... "Put up your Dukes" is a girl (Keight) I went to college with!!! =)

Francina said...

You should have included a picture of the hook you made from scratch for the peacock beads!