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Thursday, May 26, 2011

help me out ladies!

I need some help from all the ladies out there...

I need to buy one or two new bathing suits. I have a coule of pretty specific requirements...

1. They need to be one piece.
I know - lame. I am just not comfortable with the get the rest. I am not the skinniest kid on the block and I don't like to be tugging up or down on the thing while I am trying to have fun in the water (tankini MIGHT  be an option but I would have to try it on and dance around in the dressing room - not so cute!) so one-piece it is.

2. I would like to NOT spend a fortune.
Lands End has a special place in my heart and I have absolutely loved the other 2 bathing suits I have from then but they are so gosh, darn expensive. I can almost justify spending $80 on a bathing suit because I know I will get a couple of years of wear out of them but not quite.

3. The more functional the better.
I don't mind patterns and designs and color but beads, metal embellishments, etc. are totally not my style. Straps that stay put, leg holes that stay where you put them (i.e. no wedgies!) and so on... I know. I'm super lame.

My very favorite suits of all time are my Tyr Brand lifeguarding bathing suits (double layered, cross back amazingness)...but they are also a little pricey and I will probably need to get 2.

So, help me out. Where are your favorite bathing suits from?


Erin Fielding said...

I have heard that people love the bathing suits from an online store called Popina.

Sara said...

lands end. I like the skirts. No tugging in the behind area. I have a skirt/long tankiki (comes below waist of skirt - and never shows my belly)