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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

for my sister.

I really enjoy cooking. Anything really - baking is fun and always smells great, dinner always feels like an accomplishment after a day's work, and spur-of-the moment, trying new things is always fun stuff as well. However - and I have always been really clear about this - I hate doing the dishes. I mean really, really, really dislike it. Maybe I should have gone to culinary school so someone else would do my dishes now. :)

We have a wee-tiny birds nest in one of our boston ferms on the front porch. Today Chad discovered that it has 4 even teenier (is that a word?) eggs in it now. They are probably the size of a dime - maybe slightly larger - somewhere between a nickel and a dime - white with brown/black speckles on them. Can't wait to see when they hatch.


FFluker said...

I was sitting with some little girls that had a nest in a wreath on the front door. The tee-tiny-est wobbly fuzzy little barely hatched hardly-qualifies-as-a-bird looking creature I have ever seen. Just got a quick peek, fearful of being dive-bombed by anxious mom.