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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

wildest dreams.

Never, ever, ever, in my wildest dreams, did I imagine that I would live in a place where I am granted an entire week off of work because of snow and ice. I mean, I realize that I am only around 200 miles north of where I grew up but honestly! The county schools have already called off for the rest of this week - I think we are expecting more wintery weater towards Friday so here we are. I am sure my bosses are NOT loving this but they established the winter weather policy - not me! (And I am equally as sure that they will be considering a revision in the near future). Best part is that we also get Monday off work because of MKL Day. That is a grand total of 8 days off work in a row - no vacation time, holiday time, or sick time was used. Bless my snow-weary soul. (Never thought I'd say THAT either!)

Cabin fever has set in...I LOVE being off work but I wish I could actually get out and do some stuff. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon the roads will have cleared a bit and I can at least get to Walmart or Hobby Lobby to stock up some on some craft projects to finish in the next few days. I have been wanting to make some curtains for our bathroom, HUGE living room window, and the window in our dining room. I hope that it will help keep some of the warm in at night. Even though Chad has been adding insulation to our attic and underneath our house and we keep our house in the 66-68 degree range, our electric bill was horrific this past month (and by horrific, I mean like half of what our house payment is...ugh). Hopefully curtains will help!