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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day.

We got a snow day today. In a MAJOR way. Come on - I am a Georgia girl, born and raised. That "Snowstorm of 1993" was the biggest thing to hit Columbus and I recall about 3 maybe 4 inches? This was double that. At least. We got 7+ inches in our yard - probably closer to 8 in some places. We are talking snow drifts in the back yard. I know, I know - it sounds like a not-so-big-deal but to this girl...IT WAS HUGE. We got the majority of the snow in a mere 6 hours or so. It started about midnight and when I peeked out the window about 6:30 this morning we were about 6 inches in. That's our version of a blizzard (don't tell Boston).
Literally the most snow I have ever seen at one time.
And we rocked it.
I rocked the boots and the layers and the sledding and the being freezing cold and not caring and the wet gloves and the hot drinks afterwards.
Oh - I rocked the snow day.
And guess what? Since basically not a bit of it melted today - the secondary roads (that I have to travel to get to work) are NOT clear - and it snowed all day - I (along with most of Chattanooga) get a 2nd snow day tomorrow!
We'll rock that one too.
Headed to bed now but I will take more and post pictures tomorrow!