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Sunday, June 27, 2010

in me.

I think that being a camp counselor is somehow in my blood - created and quietly snuck into my DNA.
I don't know if either of my parents were ever camp counselors but somehow they passed that one on...

I am all packed and headed to camp for 4 days. I am super excited - mostly because I am not really responsible for anything. I told them that I would lead things and help as I am needed but I didn't have to plan, get ready, go to the wek-long training - I just get to sit back and enjoy little Girl Scouts as they have fun at camp. It is about 6:45 in the morning and K (from work) and I are driving about 4 hours to Johnson City to attend Camp Sky-Wa-Mo (hopefully at the end of this week I might be able to tell you what it means!).
It is the first time I have been to camp since I got married but not the longest I have been away from week-long hiking trips are longer and typically with limited cell-phone reception so I am hoping for a bit better this week.
It is so sappy how much I miss him when I am gone - I love the part of the day when we just hang out at home, "debrief" the day, talk, eat dinner together - the simple being together stuff. I wish he was a Girl Scout and could go with me! :) But not really...
See you in a few days - be back on Wednesday night!


Anonymous said...

'yo' mama' went to GS camp over near macon - for the whole summer!