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Saturday, June 12, 2010

be. very. jealous.

I did a couple of things at the house over the past few days that have somehow made it feel exponentially more like home. I finally opened, cleaned, and started arranging things in my favorite piece of furniture.
This is an awesome secretary that was my great-grandmother's and then my great-uncle had it in his townhouse in Alexandria, VA. before he passed away. I begged for it and my wish was granted. My wonderful uncle carefully wrapped it and brought it down to GA where it has been living in my parent's garage waiting for me to get a house I could put it in! I am honored to have something that has been passed down for so long - I have to believe that my grandmother would have wanted me to have it and love it like I am sure she did.

I am already filling it with things I some of my mom's art and my favorite children's books and glass vases.
Next on the list...drumroll please...
we are finally putting up my Christmas present that I have been saving for this moment.
Per a suggestion from my sister, my mom got me this for Christmas after I blogged about how much I wanted it in my house.
And I have the perfect pumpkin orange wall in my kitchen to put it on.

It posed more of a challenge than I anticipated but I have a patient and wonderful husband who carefully helped me do it (while I took pictures of him - don't tell).

The finished product on my kitchen walls.
Took a lot of squeegie (?sp) action but I think it looks great!
So yes, be jealous.


Erin Fielding said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Danielle said...

oh wow. i LOVEEEE it. and the cabinet. the letters. the orange wall. LOVEE it. where did your mom end up buying it from!!?? one day im going to have a house. maybe.

Francina said...

The decal is from a store on etsy called dalidecals.

PSIrwin said...

i will admit, it was a little hard to work with. definately a team effort on our part. but even chad likes it so it is a score on our part!