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Friday, August 15, 2014

August Birchbox!

Pretty good Birchbox this month! Thought I would just do one picture instead of lots of low quality, phone pictures. You are welcome!
Amika dry shampoo - I am really excited to try this. I have been seeing things from their line for a while now - with bright, fun colors - and I am excited about trying this product.  The full size is a teeny but cheaper than the dry shampoo I currently own and periodically use so it will be good to see how it goes!
Laura Mercier eye gel creme - smells good, eyes are a problem area for me so will be good to see how it works. Nice little jar!
ModelCo shimmer bronzer - I saw this one on the teaser and wondered if I would get it. I don't often do bronzer - I like pinky blushes too much but it looks like a nice color so I'll try it!
Super goop hand cream - I've gotten lots of things from this brand and haven't loved them (mostly because I have a pretty set skincare routine) but I will happily put hand cream in my purse and enjoy it!
Hello breath spray - this is the lifestyle extra this month.  I've seen this brand in the store and wondered about it. Pink grapefruit mint makes me a little nervous and a full size mouth spray for $11.50? Unlikely to purchase but it'll be fun to tuck away too!
Yay Birchbox!