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Monday, January 6, 2014

Bilzzard of 2014.

They kept saying that we were going to get some really bad weather. Rain turning to sleet turning to snow and temperatures in the single digits. We went over to the neighbor's house to watch Downton Abbey on Sunday night - walking over in the rain and 50 degree temperatures - and I was convinced that we weren't going to see the snowy results that they kept promising.

It did get quite cold overnight on Sunday night - the 20's or so - and we got about 47 flakes of snow. It is what I would call a "light dusting" - not even enough to cover the leaves in the yard. Seems Chattanooga was at the tail end of that huge storm system - folks south of us got about 22 flakes I hear. However, they were spot on with the temperatures. It doesn't seem to have gotten above 20 degrees today and currently the temperature (on Monday night) is a balmy 11 degrees. Overnight low is supposed to be around 7. The roads seemed to have cleared nicely today even though it never got near above freezing BUT I did get the day off for all of it so...don't read any of this as a complaint. Just reporting in about the weather. I am my father's daughter.

If you think of it, say a prayer for Chad as he drives home from the late shift at the hospital tonight. That is my only weather related concern.