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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Never slow.

I thought that my job might slow down during some time during the year - and while I haven't actually been in this particular position for a full year - it doesn't seem like it will ever be slow.

So, that being said - I've been busy...again...more? yeah.
I took one day off this week, trying to burn some vacation time before I lose it at the end of the year but I feel like I have been playing catch up all week. Busy day of meetings on Monday, day off on Tuesday (which was vegging out perfection with my sick-with-a-cold guy), spent the entire day yesterday touring venues for a spring event, meetings all day today. I don't want to make myself sound too exciting with all the meetings - more like we are just in this season of trying to plan, make decisions for the future, and get ahead of the ball (which isn't the norm!). We are looking at events for next spring and summer - living in the land of 2014 and 2015 because we need that long to get it right!

Today was a big day...if you recall, this summer I attended the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in DC and has the privilege of presenting a session at that conference. Well, I'm applying to present two different sessions this coming year in Atlanta. The proposals are due tomorrow and I've been working on mine for a couple of weeks now. I started getting so nervous about sending it in that I just forced myself to do a final review and send it in today before I left work. I didn't want it hanging over my head tomorrow too and I don't think I could improve it any more. So, fingers crossed that they will accept it and want me (and a team mate) to present next summer!

I have another surprise project hanging over my head for tomorrow - our CEO asked me to come spend the day with the Board on Monday and chat with them about my team. They want to take a more hands on approach with our older girls programming and I'd be glad to have the input so bring it on. I'm a little nervous that I need to pull the info together by Monday but most of it is in my head so I just have to get it on paper! That'll be my project for, goodnight!