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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mt. LeConte Photos

Finally, posting a few pics from our journey up Mt. LeConte to the LeConte Lodge. It was quite foggy once we finally arrive about 3 seconds (ok, 10 minutes) before dinner time so I didn't take many pictures though I lugged my camera all the way up and back.

My guy loves his tea. Enough that he carried it up too. Good thing it isn't heavy.

Here is the and elevation. Further proof that we actually did this and hiked up to 6,593 feet (though thankfully the car took us to around 4,000-something). Great post-hike/rain-I-am-disgusting-picture.
Christmas card pic anyone?

However, the flowers at the top were gorgeous enough to make up for all the fog down below.
Dining hall in the background.

The building on the left is the office/shop (yes, I bought a t-shirt in a style that you can only buy at the top. Of course I did.). The building on the right are some of the toilets.
Running water - yes. Electricity - no.

The front porch of our little home for a night.

Nope, sorry. She didn't get to go. I sure wasn't gonna carry those short legs after the first mile or two.
But I couldn't resist putting that little mug on here. Mom in the background, probably writing a postcard (which will be funny if you know her).