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Monday, November 21, 2011

holidays. crafting. and more.

I can not believe that Thanksgiving is this week. That means we are a month away from Christmas and I am just flat out not ready! I have been crafting with my friend K from work, putting together things for all the ladies in our office and a few things for family members as well. I am about half-way done with my Christmas shopping and crafts but I still have a lot to do! And of course, over the weekend my sewing machine had to go to the sewing machine hospital. I love my machine - it is my mom's and I am proud to be sewing on the machine that made so much cute, amazing stuff over the years. It is an awesome, good quality, all-metal machine and I am even more thankful for it after seeing all the plastic ones in the store over the weekend.

We are getting together with Chad's side of the family for Thanksgiving at a cabin in Blue Ridge, GA. It should be fun - I think Uncle J picked out a good spot for us to gather. Hopefully we will make it back in time to gather our thoughts before another few weeks of work. I am really looking forward to Christmas and all that will bring - family, togetherness, etc..