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Saturday, August 13, 2011

coming right up!

Our 3rd anniversary is coming up in just over a week and I am seriously struggling with what to get/do for my sweetie! The traditional gift is cotton - which might not be so bad - and the modern gift is china - which we do NOT need or want so that's out of the question! However, a nice new set of sheets for the bed or something might be nice...

Our friends Emily and David gave each other fun gifts for their 3rd but I can't seem to come up with any great ideas! 

I need suggestions!! What have you given your spouse that they really loved (and that hopefully wasn't expensive!) for an anniversary? It doesn't have to fit the cotton/china traditions but it might be fun to throw that in there too!  I have enough time to make something if I needed to but don't know what to make or get him. He is frugal, impossible to shop for, and a minimalist. Help me out!


BParrish said...

No good ideas, but I love your new picture and I'm jealous about the honey!

dani macsnider said...

ummm. according to my research leather is the 3rd year anniv..... which then you could do a cool leather journal. or shoes. or a 'murse" (man purse) or sweet leather jacket. we see that cotton and china is the 2nd anniv gift... which is what we are doing... TOMORROW! (: