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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June Birchbox!

After a no-good morning, I am super thankful to come home and find this beauty in my mailbox!
It's time for my June Birchbox opening and testing!
The theme this month is Wanderlust...
Birchbox re-branded this past month so this is their new little logo - not a big change but the little diamond at the end is new. However, as you will see below, the inside of the box is chevron so I am a big fan!

First opening but let's move spoilers!

They are still a big fan of the inner folded box...guess it makes you think you got more stuff! Again, newly brand logo!

I got a Klorane brand dry shampoo which is pretty awesome because I read all about them but I haven't actually tried one. I am a "can't wear the hair the second day because it is too greasy" kind of gal so I am really looking forward to trying this!

This is a Suki brand exfoliating/foaming cleanser. I am pretty stickler about what I grind into my face because I have fairly sensitive skin sonI might actually try this on my feet!

I saw this on the Facebook teaser...LAQA & CO. brand lip duo - a lip pencil with a creamy finish, it touts. It was actually neat because Birchbox had around 50 of their staff try on this same color to show you that it might look bright but it could look good on many skin tones. Fun!

Birchbox also opened new outposts in Spain and France during their rebranding. This month, they did a special Color Club nail polish for all 4 of their countries. I sort of hoped that I didn't get the US color because it was this off-white - and the others were pretty pastels - but now that I got it, I am pretty excited about it. It is really a pale, pale pink that I think will look fun on toes with dots painted on them!
I also got another Twistband hair tie with seahorses on it so I am willing to give these a second try. I have VERY thick hair so the last one didn't make it through one ponytail before it gave out so crossing my fingers on this cutie!
My sister still rocks out with this gift!